Colombo is a fundamental part of understanding the western part of Srilanka. It is by far the country’s biggest city, as well as the most developed. The latest architecture building is Lotus Tower, the highest tower in Srilanka. The Bandaranayke International Airport in Katunayake is the main airport situated a few km from Colombo. Still, from Negombo, only 7 km, which is mostly the first or the last stop before flights and you can enjoy sandy beaches here. Mount Lavinia as the suburb part of Colombo visit by locals to experience beach, sun and water. Kalpytiya island and beaches are visited destination for relaxing as well as kitesurfing. Bentota and other places more to the south also visit for beach time, clubs and parties.

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The capital city with the main airport is one of the first stops for all tourists. Colombo is the most developed city with new infrastructure, with many companies and businesses, with high air pollution because of everyday traffic jams. The last architecture piece is Lotus Tower. I highly recommend making a trip around the city in the evening. The traffic jam will be gone. The heat will be changed for the fresh breeze.

Mount Lavinia

This place is the suburb part of Colombo, just a few km, and it is smooth to reach. I came here as other people do for the beaches. Some people say that those are the most beautiful beaches at Srilanka. I can’t really agree with that, but it is worth to visit. The beaches are sandy with accessible entrance to the water and to swim. Hotels, restaurants are expensive, so be aware of high prices. Many and many locals from Colombo are coming here to enjoy a weekend or sandy beaches, so even, for this reason, it can be crowded.

Negombo Beach

City Negombo is very close to the main airport Bandaranaike International Airport. If you will be searching for an overnight before or after your flight, this is the right decision. Some people are even staying there for more nights since the closest beaches are so beautiful. Since the place is all the time full of tourists, a lot of scams are happening, selling goods for high prices, high prices for tuk-tuks etc.

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