Srilankan cuisine

Srilankan cuisine is one of the healthiest. Complete necessary collected information provide here. Since my article is about my experiences and my taste, I hope you will find at least one exciting meal to try! Let’s start.

Rice and Curry

The elementary and the most typical dish is rice and curry. Usually, you can choose alternatives like vegetarian, chicken, fish or seafood. Locals can serve you in three forms. The base is always a big plate of boiled or steamed rice. The options are small bowls with kinds of vegetarian and meat full of chilli and pepper. The standard vegetarian is potatoes, lentils, beetroot, curry leaves, chutneys, sambols and fruits.
The second and the third alternatives of serving are a big plate already prepared with everything on it, or you can serve yourself and choose on your own.


Locals for tourists offer two possibilities.
English consists of white sandwich bread, butter, jam, eggs on which style you want, fresh fruits, sometimes sausages, coffee or tea.
The local depends really on the people who serve. It can be roti with some chutneys and veggie, yoghurt, fresh fruits, hoppers or string hoppers, sweet pancakes, bread etc.

Ice cream

Who wouldn’t like ice cream right? Imagine that you can eat it every day here.
I am not talking about common brands but homemade ice cream. Most often, I buy it from locals, because they make it from fruits and water. It is a brilliant snack on a hot day. You have to visit some small family shops or if you see some people selling it around roads.
The man with a box full of ice creams brings a touching story. We met him walking over a big hill up and down to sell some ice creams to have money for his family. The journey up and down is taking a lot of energy, and for such an effort, we bought a couple of ice creams to support him.

Labelling of soft drinks

For example, this Coca-cola has a label with a colourful mark on it (I am honestly not sure if red, yellow or orange). Labelling is widespread, actually obligatory at Srilanka. Every soft drink or juice has to be labelled once more at Srilanka to confirm the level of sugar. This precautions started when many people began to be sick from a high level of sugar. The government decided to label by red, yellow and green—the red shows a higher level and the green the lowest level. Check when you have an opportunity.

Seafood and fish

Seafood ordinarily serves at places near the ocean. Wherever you go to beach places, expect to have a local speciality and always something new what you haven’t tried yet. The local fishermen catch fish every day. All over the streets are selling fresh fish, calamari, tuna etc. Sometimes it is pretty smelly.


You can see the typical snacks on the picture.
All kind of pastries fills with vegetables, lentils, meat or fish. In oil made all kinds of shapes as rolls, triangles or balls. Very tasty, very easy to eat with a little ketchup. You can buy it for just a small amount of money really everywhere.


Kottu is almost the same as rice and curry, a similar level of typicality. Usually veggie kottu or chicken kottu. Chopped bread, eggs, veggies with spices and sauces.

Tipi Tip

The most popular brand of local chips in big or small packages. Very tasty and vegan! Onion starts or cheesy balls. You won’t miss it.


Yoghurt is a big deal at Srilanka, but why? After the main meal as rice and curry or kottu filled by chilli or pepper, people are used to eating something to help with the fire in their mouth, and that is the reason for yoghurts. This small yoghurt is possible to buy in every shop also at the local kitchens. It helps you to overcome the heat from chilli/pepper.
At the picture, where is yoghurt in a brown ceramic cup, you can see the typical one from buffalo milk with honey on the top. Don’t worry. They always give you a small plastic spoon.

Sweet pancakes

Sweet crepes alias Pani Pol filled with sugar coconut. Delicious, light and soft. My favourite! They cook it mainly in the morning. It is challenging to find it later during the day or in the evening.

Mushroom roti in Nuwara Eliya district

Since Nuwara Eliya is the colder area where the rain is daily, mushrooms can quickly grow, then locals started to prepare this delicious speciality called mushroom roti. Be aware, and it is spicy as hell. In Nuwara Eliya, you cant even miss the strawberry farms and pizza place near the lake in Nuwara or the Chinese boat restaurant at the lake.

Paratha and EGB

Paratha, also known as Godamba roti, is the next typical meal. The size is bigger than regular roti. Taste is a bit different, and it is softer served with chutneys, curry or veggie.

EGB is a brand for ginger beers, one of the best, and if I remember correctly, there are three kinds of brands in total. And this one is the best quality plus the best taste. Ginger beer is a soft drink with the ginger taste.


Caramel pudding belongs in the typical Srilankan sweets. It makes from condensed milk, eggs, water, sugar etc. You can buy it in bakeries or “coffee places”.

Lime juice

If there is one juice which I can strongly recommend to drink, then the lime it is. Not only because it is my favourite, but also because it gives you a perfect refreshment during hot days. Locals make it sweet and saur with pepper – maybe it seems like a strange combo, but believe, it is excellent! During the lime season you see ladies and families around roads to prepare a fresh juice, so go ahead.

Long-term snacks from markets

Markets snacks with long durability. Handy during your travelling. Sweet and salty. 

This experience brings me back into old times. Sit in a shelter around a fire to wait for a fresh tea or a coffee.

V. with Love, Meemure


I honoured to be part of a family where the mum was cooking delicious meals. It is common to prepare meals every day. As you saw or you have a little imagination about the cuisine, they use rice, kinds of bread, veggies, spicy sauces, mainly chicken meat, seafood. I am not sure to explain. All was delicious. See for yourself.

… enjoy your meal
… dobrou chuť
… nalla cuvai
… hon̆da rasaya

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