Trincomalee, Arugam Bay the top two places in the East but that is not all. East is typical for many beaches. Activities as snorkelling, surfing, diving and whale watching. There are a large number of mosques in the region and Muslim communities—Batticaloa is a major city with magnificent Jami-Us-Salam Mosque. Also, a strong presence of Christians. Astonishing Hindu temples in Trincomalee and Buddhist temples are also over the area. Tourists are coming here during the dry season, which is from April to September. What I want to point is also a vast area of forest, grasslands with wildlife and animals as elephants, crocodiles, peacocks and elephants. I was lucky to see free and wild elephants here (no safari).
Unfortunately as South as East were in 2004 main affected areas during the Tsunami.

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This is the places you can visit in any season. There are amazing places which breath with history, command respect and show the beauty of building temples. Four kinds of beaches around bring many options for tourists during the dry season. Amman Kovil in the city and Koneswaram Temple at the hill in the army Fort Frederick shows Hinduism part. Smelly dry fish and deers everywhere, as well as watching whales. Snorkelling is the most popular activity. Read more!

Fort Fredrick

Nowadays, it is an Army Fort in Trincomalee with a Hindu Kovil inside, and a green place full of deers. The Fort built by Portuguese and rebuilt by Dutch. Koneswaram temple, dedicated to Shiva, at the top of the hill is well known, then a lot of locals are visiting. It is a beautiful walk-in shadow of trees, the way up is not challenging less relaxing. You pass local markets. Read more!

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is not just a beach life and surfing despite the fact that the locals are trying (Parties, loud music, harassment, cheating). This area is well known for nature, and wild animals as the southeast region mainly visited during the dry season. I was lucky enough to see real wild elephants in no park. You can take a scooter and drive around to see the beautiful nature, lakes and animals.

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