• Mahaweli Maha Seya Stupa – Buddhist Temple
  • Rice Fields and Tea Plantations
  • Stupid Bridge
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Dunsinane Waterfalls
  • Kotmale Reservoir

Kotmale Mahawali Maha Seya

Kotmale Stupa is about 40 km from Kandy. The closest cities are Kotmale, Kalapitiya, Harangala, Ulapane. The Stupa is in the middle of steep hills; moreover, the road at the very top is narrow. I would recommend renting a scooter, but in case it is not possible, take a train or a bus to the closest city and ask for tuk-tuk ride.

Buddhism is widespread. Large and small temples are scattered everywhere. I had an incredible experience since there was no one, not even one person. I enjoyed the absolute silence. All I heard a voice from a loudspeaker with Buddhist mantra and wind rushing inside the temple.

Kotmale Stupa

A Stupa is a Buddhist temple that is intended for monks to pray and stay in quiet. Mahaveli Maya Seya is a newly built temple that is in a perfect location and accessible.

In general, at the sacred places need to follow specific rules essentially to have enough long clothes, for women are a little bit more strict rules to cover as well knees as shoulders.

  • 2019, as well as 2020, continues small renovations
  • NO FEES to pay
  • park just near the Stupa

88 m (289 ft) tall, making it the second-largest Stupa in Sri Lanka.

Rice fields
Tea plantation
Kotmale Reservoir

The central part is typical for green hills, lakes, waterfalls, rice fields and tea plantations.

Stupid Bridge and Hanging Bridge

Fool’s Bridge built by the British.⁣ Upside Down Bridge across Mahaweli River in the town known as Ulapane in Matale.⁣

Kotmale Hanging Bridge is old bridge with primitive construction. It is up to you if you trust the construction enough to walk on.
I say go for it.

Dunsinane Waterfalls

This majestic waterfall is located in Pundaluoya village in Nuwara Eliya District. It is the 15th highest waterfall in SriLanka. The place is still peaceful because not many tourists know about the Fall and yet it is worth it. You can even take a bath in the fresh and cold water❤️. ⁣

I am not sure who are the Gods in front of the waterfall; however, they seem to be Hindu Gods. ⁣
You can reach the waterfall within one and half hour journey from Nawalapitiya either one hour ride from Nuwaraeliya town.⁣

Kotmale Reservoir

It is said that a lot of mysteries are hidden under the water. Even a couple of months ago were still seen the last pieces of the ancient city. I was walking around to see at least the ruins of temples but unfortunately haven’t seen anything. 

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