Galboda Ella Falls

Not many people know about this attractive waterfall which is so easy to reach from Kandy. Even good news for swimmers to take a bath but I recommend you to be cautious mainly during the rainy season when the Falls can be dangerous. Stones can be slippery, and the natural water pool is suited for a bath. I have been even told about some caves behind the waterfalls.


is an isolated village located between Nawalapitiya and Watawala in Nuwara Eliya district with total height 30 m.
You can take a train on the route, Kandy – Badulla, which is a cheap alternative with also fantastic scenarios around the road. Not every train stops in Galboda. The option is also get down in Nawalapitiya and from there take a train to Galboda since there are more trains from Nawalapitiya than from Kandy. I would recommend you to take a train from Kandy at 9 am which is the best time to go and leave Galboda at 2:26 pm.

There is an entrance fee but if no one is issuing the ticket don’t pay any money.

  • Local – free / 50 Rps
  • Tourist – free / 200 Rps (1/2019 paid 200 Rps and 1/2020 paid no fee)
  • There is no separate fee for parking

Take enough drinks and some snack since there is no shop nearby.

Train departure time from Galboda

From Galboda station is just 1 km of walking through a beautiful small road. You can come by any vehicle – talking about the bike, however, be aware of the road situation. I took the way once by bike and the second time by train. Both are possible.

When you reach the top of the hill, there is an entrance fence to go through. Then follow yellow newly made signs. First, you have to cross the bridge. Don’t be scared it can be seen as a tricky one but was pretty stable. Go one by one on the deck that is how you avoid the waving. Then continue through the bush for adventurous people or on the very comfy track. For options about the way are signs there.

I took all the images during the dry seasons 1/2019 and 1/2020. The Falls can be during the rainy season much more massive.

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