Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Temple is a unique and amazing place situated in Gampola. Both the place itself and the panoramic views seen from the place are breathtaking. ⁣The centre of attraction here is the beautiful tall white tower which is 48 metres high.

The road to the Main Gate is newly built; moreover, it is pretty broad. “Unfortunately” the way to the very top is pretty steep, so mainly locals and tuk-tuk drivers are bold to drive it.

The view from Ambuluwawa Tower just leaves you speechles if there will be one place where I would like to come as many times as possible than this is it.

How to reach?

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex is located near the city Gampola which is like 20 km from Kandy. Even bus and train connections to the city Ganpola are pretty often per day and easy to reach from early morning to late evening for less than 100 Rps/per person.

From Gampola you can take Hemmathagama bus which stops in Ambuluwawe bottom and walk like 3 km of hike or else you can take a tuk-tuk from the Main Gate up and down for 350 Rps. The other easy-going option is to take a tuk-tuk from the city Gampola for slightly around 1000 Rps. Don’t pay more, plenty scams happening since it became so popular all of a sudden even among locals.
Cars and bikes can go up without any problem. Some of the tourist’s cabs top in the bottom of the entrance saying they can’t travel since they get a commission from the tuk-tuk driver.

The entrance fee is 300 Rps per person.

Climb the top of the tower at the outside staircase even at the inside staircase. I guess more or less the locals (or courageous tourists) choose to walk up a very narrow and steep staircase from the outside with a little space for movement.
I was very scared at the top but the whole journey was worth it.

I recommend you to climb it and enjoy the view! Since Ambuluwawa is an isolated mountain, the whole 360′ is clearly visible to the tower.

Ambuluwawa Temple is from the times of a kingdom when Gampola was a royal city. In the gardens by the tower, there are sacred places. As you can see from the left starts: Buddhist temple, Mosque, Church and Hindu temple. It is a symbol of multi-religious SriLanka.

There is other smaller tower where is possible to climb as well. From that place you can take the best shot of the tower.

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