NEWS – back in Czech Republic

I came from Srilanka back to my home country Czech Republic a month ago. I had the feeling; lets call it women’s intuition, to go back to my country. Just a few days after and the Coronavirus popped up sharply in Europe. To stay there a few days later and I would be handling a quite tricky journey.

I was planning to go back as soon as possible to fill one of my latest dreams to be a volunteering English teacher at Srilanka. I also bought a ticket and told all my closest people to go again. Since the intense situation is happening all over the world, it is not possible to travel. As a Czech citizen, I have to wait for the border freedom as well as to respect rules at Srilanka. This is not an easy situation for anyone. I am always optimistic and see a better future. Someone can call it naive, but I call it destiny.

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