My first experience

To be part of Hinduism religion, was my completely first experience. I am coming from a country where is one of the highest percentages of Atheists. People are very open but still under Christianity control from historical reasons. Nowadays, in the Czech Republic, I fell to have free spirit people who are not judging you if you are Buddhist or Atheist. You can believe in any God you prefer, into other powers or the Universe.


One of the main reason I love Sri Lanka and the people are for their multi-religion. It opens my eyes and my mind. I was amazed to see so many different temples, churches or mosques, various colours, flowers, hear several songs and to see people in gorgeous dresses. People deeply believe in some higher purpose and live their lives with it and with a smile on faces.

Hindu temples

Hindu temples based on my feeling are the most beautiful. I love the colours and small statues all over the temples.

My picture of Lakshmi

When I was staying at one hotel in Tangalle, the owner gave me a picture of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune.
I guess it is no special gesture, and I was one of the others. Honestly, I felt blessed, and the picture was a symbol and a sign. It is so much fun to look around you and see symbols everywhere, and each means something. Like, one of my tattoos is a lotus and Lakshmi is characterized by sitting, standing on a lotus or hold them in hands…


I travelled from Tangalle to Galle on the south of Sri Lanka. In Galle is another very magnificent Hindu temple. When I looked closer, there was a ceremony, and people were praying. So it happened that my precious picture with Lakshmi consecrated. It was a real first experience of being such a part.

I lost it

Unfortunately, a few days before my flight back to my country, I couldn’t find the picture. And I have no idea where it ended up. But all is happening for a reason.
So on a penultimate day, I tried to get another picture in Colombo. It was a ride around Colombo on a crazy hot day, and I successfully found a one. The bond to a new picture is not as I had before. Maybe it is hard to understand. For me, it isn’t about a picture itself but all situations around.

Lakshmi is the symbol

Lakshmi happened to be my closest Goddess, and the new picture is confidently staying on my altar. She wishes me wealth, prosperity and fortune.

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