Flip-flops happened to be the only shoes I did use at Sri Lanka. I was there for two months, and just one pair of them covered all my trips.
This story is making laugh when I think that the flights and the first day at Sri Lanka are the only days when I used closed shoes.

Hiking Pidurangala.

I was…

Climbing hills and stones.
Walking in cities where were 35 degrees and more. The rubber started to melt on the burning roads.
Walking through a jungle. When you have to pee in a wilderness, the leeches start to suck your blood on your feet quickly… or somewhere else.


A couple of times felt a bit uncomfortable when I had flip-flops on a scooter. That is for one reason. After a long-distance, my left or right leg started to be “lifeless”. So image you are on a scooter, and you don’t feel one of your leg. I pictured how my flip-flop will fall under the motorcycle, and we crush.

Pink flip-flops

… The story how was coming back from Meemure by a truck on a very tricky road when was rainy and the driver had pink flip-flops. I wasn’t surprised. I was just amazed.

Pink flip-flops.

Ultimately, everyone is wearing flip-flops

Everyone at Sri Lanka is wearing flip-flops or no shoes at all. And if you need it, there are many options to buy them in cities for a small price.

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