When you travel to Sri Lanka or other Asian countries, I recommend you to drink coconut every day. Nothing compares to fresh coconut. It is delicious, healthy and refreshing. It is not milk but more or less a liquid similar to water.

Variations of coconuts.

  • Yellow-Orange coconut named Thembili. King coconut in English. And a small tip for you, when the coconut is getting darker (orange), than the liquid is tastier.
  • Red coconut called Red King coconut is very rare, and I didn’t have a chance to drink it.
  • Green coconut called Kurumba. This baby coconut is also tasty to drink, but when we have it longer, the coconut starts to be the mature brown coconut.
Green coconut.

Eat the inside

You can ask for opening the coconut, and by a piece of the coconut, you can eat the inside. It is delicious and full of vitamins.

I ate it completely.

Positive effects

To drink coconuts have a lot of positive effects. For me, especially was drinking coconuts about to stay fresh. It helped me with stomach problems and to avoid stomach problems. It is delicious and the best drink at Sri Lanka ever. It is cheap and possible to buy everywhere. When I got a sunburn, I used the water from the coconut for my skin. It is a vitamin package from nature.


I remember prices can be from around 40 to 200 Rupees. It depends on an area where you want to buy it and if you are a typical tourist or if some Sri Lankan person is with you. Simply if they’re going to cheat you and you are willing to be deceived. In my experiences, hotels and touristic places are offering the most expensive coconuts. On the other hand in poor villages give you a coconut for 40 Rupees even though you are a tourist (but then I ask you to be generous and in this case give them some extra money to help them with business).

Using straws

I haven’t seen any other people use a straw than tourists. I had a straw maybe twice or three times to be polite with domestic people. I was drinking directly from the coconut every single time, and I felt blessed for that experience because that is a real deal.

For example, in my country, in Europe, a lot of companies are fighting against pollution and mainly against plastic pollution. Coffee places and restaurants are stopping with using straws or switching them for an iron straw. We see that all around. Then we go to abroad, to Asian countries – in my case to Sri Lanka and we use for each coconut a straw. I think people do use plastic straws because they are afraid of some diseases or they are just too comfortable to drink like a human. To use a plastic straw in a fresh coconut is the stupidest thing I have seen that touristic people do.

Funny coconut in a restaurant.

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