Before I even came to Sri Lanka, I heard a lot about turmeric. One very bright person from Sri Lanka told me, if you have any problems, let’s drink turmeric. I used it for my face skin problems and my pimples, for my stomach pain, for my menstruation problems and got slimmer.

Shortly, when I felt a bit sick or just wasn’t comfortable in some way, I drink the turmeric.

Drink in the morning

Turmeric is excellent to drink in the morning before we even eat or drink anything else. Wake up, boil water and use a bit of the powder in some middle-sized cup. I don’t recommend to use any plastic like a plastic spoon or a plastic container.

How am I drinking turmeric?

I wake up, boil water, use only a bit of the powder (half of a teaspoon) in one specific cup (because turmeric can leave the yellow colour). I use hot water and mix with cold water, as well. I can quickly drink. After a couple of minutes, let’s say 10 to 15 minutes, I start to eat regular breakfast.

One more detail

You can already prepare the turmeric during the previous day and leave it. By this procedure, the turmeric to your body has a much stronger effect. 

How much and how often?

There is no really any particular approach. Listen to your body. When you feel, you need it then go ahead and drink.

Local people

People at Sri Lanka strongly believe in the efficiency of turmeric. To use the power of nature is one of the essential principles. You can buy turmeric all over the world. But please, check the quality. If you are travelling to this beautiful island, then I strongly recommend you to buy it there because of the perfect quality.

Let’s summarize

  1. Drink turmeric on an empty stomach in the morning.
  2. Start with a tiny portion of the powder (half of a teaspoon).
  3. Mix cold and hot water to drink right away.
  4. After 10 to 15 minutes, you can have a regular breakfast.

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