It seems that everyone at Sri Lanka is driving a scooter, doesn’t matter if you are young or old, just one person or three people, a couple or a family with kids, go to work or use it for a trip, carry a small handbag or carry tools. If the scooter is yours or from a rental place, if the scooter is old and you are happy to use it or if it is new and perfectly shining. Preferably to drive with slippers.

It doesn't matter the road or weather.

Everyone knows

Everyone is a specialist to drive a scooter (compare to my country, the Czech Republic). I was so surprised to see how people are zigzagging from left to right, from front to back, around big buses in curves or around elephants. Fast or slow, on a hot sunny day or in rainy day. Through big hills, mountains to crowded roads in cities where the temperature is around 40 degrees (recommend you to have something around your face and definitely helmet, because police can stop you).

 At the southest place at Sri Lanka.

My experience

For me, it was first time in my life to sit on a scooter. I didn’t drive but I had the best driver. Our first journeys were difficult for me, I tried to have it under my control, but you know, the driver needs to have it under control and you have to truly believe in him or her. The driver needs to focus on. I remember how I was pressing the scooter between my legs and each curve was a horror to me. I was even praying to some gods that we won’t fall down. My legs were shaking. Sometimes I had problems with my left or right leg because I have felt spasms. We stopped a couple of times but always at the end, we reached the destiny and I was so proud.

Sunny or rainy

I remember to drive when was rainy, we were cold and didn’t even know where to drive. We asked so many times for the way because Google maps really don’t know about all roads. We were driving through foggy weather, on stony roads, on roads which weren’t in really good shape. We were driving through cities with 40 degrees temperature, we felt the heat, the smoggy air, in big cities we were stuck in traffic jams. We were driving in dark and see stars and moon, we were driving on sunny days and see the beautiful nature around, animals, flowers, trees, bushes.

Rainy weather.

Go and try

The best view and the best vehicle to travel around many places at Sri Lanka is on a scooter. I strongly recommend trying. If you want to feel the freedom, nature, to be hot and to sweat, to feel the fresh air and the rain. If you want to feel the vibe and the atmosphere. If you want to hear all the noises in cities, the smell of cars. If you want to have fun. If you want to visit hidden places. If you want to have an incredible ride, go and try.

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