Oh my gosh, as I was enjoying my trips by buses! I remember the vibe I always got there. I remember so many coloured buses. Pink, green, blue, white or red. The cheapest one from the government to the most expensive one from private companies with air conditioning and luxury chairs.

Interior of a green bus.

I remember …

I remember stopping at places where are no stops, just because people ask the driver to stay there. I remember to jump on the bus wherever I needed. I remember the heat and the sun, only open windows. I remember how sellers are coming in and trying to sell food, fruits and water. People who are trying to convince you and to give them money for sick people, disabled people or some charity. I remember the crowded buses where wasn’t place for any move. I remember a cashier going through this crowd and ask for money for tickets. I remember how Sri Lanka people could sleep very comfortably; they just closed their eyes sitting or staying. I remember the curves, the hills, the bumpy roads. Doesn’t matter how uncomfortable the way was, people were sleeping at any time.

Loud music

I almost forgot to mention music in buses. In each bus, you can be a part of their party. To have a vast and robust stereo is the most crucial equipment. If there is no music on the radio, then it is a romantic movie from a television.
And you bet that your headphones are not strong enough to not to listen to the music party on the bus.

Think about others

Even in the case of travelling by bus, you can see how Sri Lanka people are helping. If someone has to be standing for no more empty seats than the sitting people are offering to carry their luggage, their bag or their baby, they also have specific rules for old, disabled people, for pregnant women and monks. These groups have priority.

It is so much fun

I want to laugh to think about my trips by buses. It was so much fun. Once happened, I was supposed to travel to one place, and I asked a Tuk-Tuk driver which bus is the one I need, and he showed me some. In the bus, already on the way, the cashier for tickets told me: “we are going exactly the opposite way. But don’t worry”. He called a guy from another bus, the one I needed. They coordinated together and stopped me in the middle of ways. I just switched buses and was so blessed.

The drivers and cashiers were always so helpful. I only asked where I need to go.

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